Ear infections and gastric illness reported at the Tiara Beach Hotel


Numerous guests to have recently visited the Tiara Beach Hotel in Bulgaria have aired complaints over the lack of hygiene and illness problems at the resort.

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Many family holidays apparently devastated by illness at the Tiara Beach Hotel

  • Gastric illness and ear infections reported by those affected
  • One guest reveals how the hotel pool wasnt cleaned for the duration of their two week stay
  • Dismayed holidaymakers state they would never return to the Bulgarian resort

HolidayIllnessClaims dedicated travel law team are aware of recent illness issues at the Tiara Beach Hotel, following the discovery of reports which have been made by recently disgruntled visitors of the resort.

These reports can be found on the website TripAdvisor, and include comments from one recent visitor of the four star resort who claimed:

I did not see anyone clean the pool in the 2 weeks we were there, the water was murky and had a green film around the edge by the last day we were there.

My son had a severe ear infection and I also know a lot of kids/adults [who] also suffered.

Also sickness and upset stomachsâ?¦myself and my dad suffered from this”.

In addition to this, another former guest of the Thomas Cook promoted resort also revealed how their holiday was a mixed bag, before adding:

But worse still is the water quality [of the pool] as highlighted by others. My daughter had chronic earache and we now of others with throat and ear infections.

We saw two incidents of guests being sick in public spaces and met one poor woman who had been in bed for days due to illness.

The reps didn’t help, in fact they warned us that if the ear infection didn’t clear up then we couldn’t fly so advised us against recording it as an incident. Of course this is a crafty way of having no official record of sickness.

So if the pool is important to you and your family I have to say [this hotel is] 2 stars overall.

Our experienced solicitors take

Bulgaria, and Sunny Beach in particular, is a popular destination for U.K. holidaymakers to venture out to for their hard earned holidays.

So it is vastly disappointing to learn that many holidaymakers have been hit by illness, on what is supposed are supposed to be truly memorable occasions.

However if you have had a holiday ruined by sickness within the last three years, we may be able to ease the pain of your ruined break. Contact HolidayIllnessClaims today to find out more on how you can make a claim.

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