We were very disappointed: Holidaymakers complain after being hit by illness at the Riu Republica


The legal specialists here at HolidayIllnessClaims are aware of a potential sickness outbreak, which has reportedly spoiled numerous recent holidays at the Dominican Riu Republica resort.

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Poor food hygiene blamed for sickness at the Riu Republica

  • Illness apparently halts multiple visits to the Dominican hotel
  • One recent guest claims that their husband spent 36 HOURS in hospital as a result of their condition
  • Those affected reveal that they will never return to the five star resort

Our travel law team are concerned over reports which have recently emerged from the Riu Republica resort, which indicate that the Dominican hotel has recently hosted an outbreak of sickness.

Those who have claimed to have been hit by illness whilst staying at the First Choice promoted hotel have posted on the website TripAdvisor, to warn others of the ordeals which they faced during their holiday.

In one of these posts, a February 2018 visitor of the Riu Republica revealed:

[I] was a guest at the Riu in February 2018. Firstly, let me tell you that I am not a complainer (as my previous reviews will attest to) but unfortunately I cannot provide a positive comment for this hotel.

The food was good except my wife and I became sick with traveller’s diarrhoea after a few days.

The problem with this is that we did NOT eat or drink outside the resort. So we contracted “La Tourista” from Riu hotels food or drinks.

So, overall I feel that the hotel did not meet the standards expected from a “Riu” hotel and [we] would not stay here again.

Furthermore, additional holidaymakers have also commented on how illness hindered their stays at the Domincian hotel. In a review titled We were very disappointed, another disgruntled poster commented:

We arrived at the Riu Republica on the 12th of Febâ?¦It was my husbands birthday.

However just as we were going to dinner he began to shake saying he was cold. He ended up [suffering from a] fever, vomiting and diarrhoea all night.

We have travelled to DR every year since 1994 this has never happened before. He was in hospital on IV [and] antibiotics for 36 hours and after release [he] had prescription for 7 days.

I was quite disappointed when [we] spoke to management and they told me to email [their] head office in Spain.

I did and they responded that they could not provide any restitution as no one else had these issues……strange because I just read a review from a group of 11 people the same week as us and all of them had [a] fever, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Our legal specialists take

We have reported on outbreaks of illness at the Riu Republica in the past, and I find it simply inexcusable that holidaymakers are continuing to reportedly fall ill during their time at this hotel.

Tour operators have a duty of care towards their customers and if they are found to be negligent in this duty then a claim can be made.

If youve fallen ill for at least seven days during your Dominican package holiday, I would strongly encourage you to contact the dedicated HIC team for expert legal advice.

Danielle Burnie
Litigation Executive at HolidayIllnessClaims

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