Holiday Village Costa del Sol back in the sickness spotlight

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Its come to the attention of the HolidayIllnessClaims team that multiple recent guests of the Holiday Village Costa del Sol, Spain, have claimed to have had their holidays ruined by illness and poor hotel hygiene.

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Cleanliness levels criticised at the Holiday Village Costa del Sol

  • Holidaymakers suffer from food poisoning after being served raw chicken
  • Additional guests also report of further illnesses
  • This news follows an outbreak that we covered at the resort last year

The legal specialists here at HolidayIllnessClaims are aware of recent problems regarding illness at the four star Holiday Village Costa del Sol resort.

This comes after the HIC team discovered reviews which have been made by former visitors of the four star resort on TripAdvisor, which questioned the hotels hygiene standards.

In one of these reviews, a frustrated holidaymaker revealed that their holiday was affected by a case of food poisoning, before explaining:

Having visited several other holiday villages (Portugal, Majorca and Turkey) which were all fantastic, we were expecting more of the same. How wrong we were.

7 days into our 14 day stay we were served near raw chicken in the Italian restaurant. After eating some before realising it had hardly been cooked, I spent the next 2 days stuck in the hotel room being ill.

On day 10 of the break when I felt like eating something again, we went to the main restaurant for dinner only to be served near raw pork.

Since being back we have had a complaint with First Choice that has lasted 16 months. The procedure is a joke to say the least.

On top of this further holidaymakers have also commented at the problems at the resort, including one visitor who disclosed:

Arrived back from a weeks stay at the Holiday Village Costa del Sol on Thursday 21st Sept with 5 adults and 4 toddlers.

Now one of the main reasons this hotel is a 3* and not 4* are the roomsâ?¦Cleanliness wasn’t great with dirt on the floor and feels like the windows hadn’t been cleaned all summer.

Our daughter [also] had a fever and due to a really high temperature we needed medical assistance quickly.

Comments from our expert solicitor

Unfortunately, holidaymakers continue to turn to us after falling ill at the Holiday Village Costa del Sol resort.

We are aware of reports that suggest this hotel has encountered problems with illnesses ranging from hand, foot and mouth disease, to gastric illnesses such as food poisoning.

If you too have been unfortunate enough to have suffered from illness on your package holiday, then you dont have to suffer in silence. Get in touch with the travel law experts at HolidayIllnessClaims today if poor hotel standards have resulted in you falling sick.

Sue Robinson
Expert solicitor at HolidayIllnessClaims

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