Sophie Packham, Club MAC Alcudia

Compensation won for more guests who fell ill at the Club MAC

The legal experts at HolidayIllnessClaims have helped a mother and son receive almost £6,000 in compensation after their holiday at the Club Mac Alcudia was ruined by illness.

Sophie Packham, 38, and her son Reece, 12, were struck down with stomach cramps, diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting during their stay at the Thomas Cook promoted hotel.

After visiting her doctor on returning to the UK, Miss Packham got in touch with the legal experts at HolidayIllnessClaims for help to make a claim. Our specialist solicitors were able to help Miss Packham and her son receive £5,950 in compensation from their her tour operator.

If you have suffered a similar holiday illness at the Club Mac Alcudia in the last 3 years, the dedicated solicitors at HolidayIllnessClaims can help you.

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What happened at the Club Mac Alcudia in Majorca?

Throughout the summer of 2014 there were numerous reports of sickness outbreaks at the Club Mac Alcudia which left holidays ruined.

On their arrival at the hotel, Miss Packham was soon struck down with stomach cramps, diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting which left her feeling delirious.

They were both left confined to their room trying to recover when Reece developed an ear infection the day after Sophies symptoms flared up.

She said: I was weak and felt delirious and we were unable to leave our room for two days and spent a whole day in bed, and as it was just myself and my son he also had to stay in the room with me.

I then later found out that I was not alone and that several people had been ill with the same illness.

On the Wednesday I found out that our hotel had been in the newspapers back in the UK, and I was shocked to find out that the hotel supermarket removed all the papers from the shop that day.

The rest of our holiday was ruined as I was so weak and lost a lot of weight and the diarrhoea was not going away. We couldnt wait to get home as there were so many people just being randomly sick and the hotel toilets were vile.

We returned home in the early hours of Sunday, August 10 and on the Monday I started being sick again.

After visiting her GP, Miss Packham was diagnosed with gastric illness and was instructed to rest, and Reece was treated with antibiotics for his ear infection.

No win, no fee Holiday Illness Compensation

Miss Packham instructed Holiday Illness Claims to help her with a no win no fee claim for which both she and Reece were awarded a combined total of £5,950 in compensation.

Sue Robinson, an Experienced Travel Law Solicitor at Holiday Illness Claims, said: I am pleased that Sophie decided to take action for her ruined holiday and that we were able to help both her and Reece claim the compensation they deserve.

We heard from over 50 guests who fell ill at this hotel last year so I would encourage anyone else who was affected to give us a call as soon as possible to find out if we could help you make a claim.

Suffered illness abroad?

If you have had your holiday abroad ruined by illness you could make a no-win, no-fee holiday illness compensation claim.

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