Mr and Mrs Guy, Marconfort Beach Club

£4,250 compensation victory for husband and wife struck by sickness in Spain

Holiday Illness Claims have successfully secured £4,250 in settlement with Jet2Holidays for a West Yorkshire couple after illness ruined their stay at the Costa Del Sol resort, Marconfort Beach Club.

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Mr and Mrs Guy travelled to the all-inclusive Marconfort Beach Club in mid-June 2015 for a 2 week stay. The couple had high hopes for their Spanish sojourn and looked forward to enjoying many of the resorts four-star trappings.

Unfortunately, for Mr and Mrs Guy, their dreams of a relaxing stay were quashed as they fell victim to a mystery sick bug that was circulating the sea front hotel.

Within days of their arrival, Mr Guy suffered from severe nausea and vomiting. His condition was so acute that he collapsed from exhaustion at the hotel and was rushed to hospital.

Mrs Guy succumbed to the sickness bug the following day and experienced agonising stomach cramps, diarrhoea and vomiting.

The sickness stricken couple were clear that the source of their suffering was poor hygiene at the hotel. They were dismayed and disgusted to find that flies were free to land on the restaurant buffet food and the chipped, unclean cutlery.

Speaking to the experts at Holiday Illness Claims, Mrs Guy recalls that she saw guests vomiting in the dining room as the sickness bug swept over the resort. I am horrified that Jet2Holidays actually sent people to this hotel, especially as it was reportedly closed last year for cleaning after a similar bug, Mrs Guy continued.

The ill-fated couple were similarly horrified to be met with disregard when they reported their illness and concerns to the on-site Jet2Holiday representative. The rep tried to tell us that we were the only ones affected by illness. We knew this wasnt true as we had spoken to many of our fellow hotel guests who were also suffering from illness, said Mr Guy.

However, the rep was soon proven to be wrong as according to Mrs Guy, Whilst speaking to the rep, a young child was coming out of the pool with diarrhoea running down her legs.

After their disastrous holiday, Mr and Mrs Guy returned home exhausted and having lost a considerable amount of weight. The couple decided to take legal action and appointed specialist solicitor Sue Robinson at Holiday Illness Claims.

Compensation success

Travel law expert Sue Robinson represented Mr and Mrs Guys case on a no win, no fee basis and successfully secured £4,250 in damages for the couple.

Sue commented: I am absolutely delighted to have assisted Mr and Mrs Guy after they contracted a sickness bug at the Marconfort Beach Club.

Throughout 2015 we received numerous enquiries from stricken guests at this resort. Our helpline remains open to anyone who has been affected by illness at the hotel; we are here to offer you advice and support following holiday illness abroad.

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