Mr D Kitchen, Thomson Celebration

£3,735 settlement success for holidaymaker served pink chicken on board Thomson Celebration

HolidayIllnessClaims have helped a Stockport holidaymaker successfully recover £3,735 in damages after he was struck by severe gastric illness on board the Thomson Celebration cruise ship.


Mr D Kitchen and his wife Mrs T Kitchen booked a July 2014 Black Sea Explorer cruise eager to explore the sights of Istanbul, Bulgaria and Romania. However, Mr Kitchen was left quarantined in his room as sickness spread throughout the Thomson Celebration cruise ship.

After contacting the specialist solicitors at HolidayIllnessClaims on returning to the UK, Mr and Mrs Kitchen were able to make a successful no win no fee claim against their cruise operator Thomson (not TUI)

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What happened on board the Thomson Celebration cruise ship

The Kitchen were hoping for a fun filled trip to celebrate Mr Kitchen’s 50th birthday during their Balkan getaway.

Unfortunately, Mr Kitchen had little time for fun and frivolity on board the ill-named Thomson Celebration as just two days into his milestone trip, he began to experience crippling stomach cramps, diarrhoea and fever.

Speaking to the legal experts at Holiday Illness Claims, Mr Kitchen is certain that improperly cooked chicken was the cause of his suffering. He explains:

We sat down to dinner and I was served chicken wrapped in bacon with gravy completely covering the meat.

It was quite dimly lit where we were sitting and it was only when a beam of light shone down that my wife noticed the chicken I was eating was still pink.

We immediately made the waiter, head waiter and chef aware of the situation.

Mr Kitchen sought medical treatment on board the ship and expresses disbelief that he was both prescribed and injected with medication even though no medical history was taken. The sickness stricken passenger also claims that he was separated from his wife for 24 hours in an enforced quarantine.

Sadly, Mr Kitchens illness ordeal did not end there. The Stockport holidaymaker remained plagued by repeat illness symptoms and extreme fatigue for the remainder of his ruined birthday cruise and for some 3 months after returning home.

Despite meeting with numerous managers on board the Celebration, Mr Kitchen declined their offer of £180 in compensation for what was described as a catastrophic breakdown in ships procedure, resolving instead to pursue a no win no fee cruise ship illness claim with HolidayIllnessClaims.

£3,735 pay out for stricken Thomson cruise ship passenger

Cruise ship claim specialist, Tracy Stansfield secured £3,735 in damages for Mr Kitchen in a settlement with tour operator, Thomson.

Commenting on the case, Tracy said: I am glad that I was able to assist Mr Kitchen after gastric illness ruined his 50th birthday trip on the Thomson Celebration.

This case demonstrates that accepting tour operator compensation can often leave you severely undercompensated for the illness you suffered.

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