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Compensation success for couples ruined wedding anniversary

The legal experts at HolidayIllnessClaims have helped a husband and wife receive £5,200 in compensation after falling ill during their wedding anniversary celebrations in Turkey.

Liam and Lisa McKay travelled to the Pine Bay Holiday Resort for their celebratory holiday but were quickly struck with sickness bugs which ruined their stay.

After returning to the UK, the couple contact the team at HolidayIllnessClaims for help to bring a claim against their tour operator Thomas Cook. Our specialist solicitors were able to help the McKay’s make a successful claim on a no win no fee basis.

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What happened at the Pine Bay Holiday Resort in Turkey?

Liam and Lisa McKay stayed at five star Pine Bay Holiday Resorts in July 2014 and looked forward celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary in Kusadisi sunshine with their two young children.

Unfortunately for the young family, a highly contagious sickness bug at the resort left both Mr and Mrs McKay suffering with debilitating gastric illness and unable to enjoy their treasured celebrations.

Thrill seeking Mr and Mrs McKay had planned a once in a lifetime parasailing trip but had no choice but to cancel when persistent stomach cramps and diarrhoea left them too unwell to attend.

Mr and Mrs McKay reported they were one of many to fall ill at the time of their stay and recalled that substandard hygiene throughout the resort became a breeding ground for germs to spread.

Upon their return home, Mr and Mrs McKay lodged a complaint with tour operator Thomas Cook. However, after receiving an unsatisfactory response, were compelled to seek expert legal advice.

Mrs McKay contacted illness expert Sue Robinson of Holiday Illness Claims and told of their stay:

There were that many people ill in the resort that the staff could not deal with the pressures of keeping on top of cleanliness.

The toilet floors had human faeces all over them where people had not been able to get to the toilet in time.

With the help of Holiday Illness Claims, Mr and Mrs McKay have successfully recovered £5,200 in holiday illness compensation from tour operator Thomas Cook, who promote the Pine Bay Resort.

Comments from our specialist solicitor

I am extremely pleased to have helped Mr and Mrs Mackay secure compensation after their 10th wedding anniversary celebrations at Pine Bay Holiday Resort in Turkey were ruined by illness.

I understand from reports that a number of Pine Bay holidaymakers were also affected at this time and would encourage them to also seek legal advice as they may be eligible to pursue a claim.

Sue Robinson
Holiday illness solicitor at HolidayIllnessClaims

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