Paul Davies, Aqua Fun Club

£4,000 Settlement Success for Shigella Stricken Aqua Fun Club Guest

Holiday Illness Claims have secured £4,000 in compensation for a Worcester man who endured 6 months of suffering after contracting a severe shigellosis infection at the Aqua Fun Club, Marrakech.

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Paul Davies and his partner Tracy Bailey, stayed at the Aqua Fun Park, Marrakech, in May 2015.

The 7-night stay was booked as a surprise birthday present to celebrate Mr Davies 50th birthday.

However, Mr Davies surprise soon turned to shock after he witnessed the standard of service on offer at the three-star plus hotel.

He recalls with horror a number of hygiene breaches at the First Choice promoted resort.

Mealtimes were simply horrendous, he states, children were running around dropping food on the floor â?¦ tables were left uncleared and there was never any clean cutlery.

Mr Davies also claims that animal and insect contamination was a major issue at the resort as cats, kittens, birds and masses of flies would roam the restaurant area.

The pool facilities were also dangerously sub-standard according to Mr Davies. Although promoted to UK customers as made for water babies and housing Moroccos largest waterpark, Mr Davies recalls with alarm that he never saw any chemical cleaning of the pool. He also recollects that the swimming pool had lots of dead insects even after the pool filters were cleaned.

After enduring these sub-standard conditions at the Aqua Fun Club for 7 days, Mr Davies began to feel unwell on the return journey home.

The following day, he became severely unwell with stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhoea and a hot and cold fever.

Following GP tests, Mr Davies was diagnosed with a confirmed shigella infection; a highly contagious bacterial infection contracted from contaminated water or food. As the incubation period for shigellosis is 1-2 days, Mr Davies could only have caught the virulent infection from the appalling conditions at the Aqua Fun Club.

Unfortunately, Mr Davies continued to suffer from the effects of the shigellosis infection for an agonising 6 months. During this time, he had to adapt his diet as certain foods would leave him bloated and cause a return bout of diarrhoea.

Mr Davies decided to pursue legal action against his tour operator First Choice, and appointed industry experts Holiday Illness Claims.

Specialist solicitor, Sue Robinson represented Mr Davies case on a no win, no fee basis and successfully secured £4,000 in shigella holiday illness compensation.

I cannot thank Sue enough for her hard work, said Mr Davies.

Sue was always on hand to answer question I had about my claim and kept me fully updated on all developments throughout. Although my 50th birthday proved memorable for all the wrong reasons; I am simply overjoyed to have received £4,000 in compensation, he continued.

Commenting upon the case, Sue said: I am delighted to have assisted Mr Davies after he contracted a severe case of shigellosis at the Aqua Fun Club, Marrakech.

Holiday Illness Claims have previously represented a number of holidaymakers who suffered from salmonella during their stays at the Aqua Fun Club in 2011. I find it incredibly distressing and frustrating that the tour operators do not appear to have addressed the underlying hygiene issues at this hotel.

I strongly urge anyone who has suffered from illness at the Aqua Fun Park within the last three years to contact Holiday Illness Claims today and start a no win, no fee claim for compensation.

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