Young baby ill for weeks after illness outbreak strikes family at the Skanes Family Resort


Holiday Illness Claims has received an alarming report of an illness outbreak at the Skanes Family Resort, affecting a large group of 14 holidaymakers, including a young baby.

  • Sickness and diarrhoea wipes out family holiday
  • Young baby required doctor-led care
  • Appalling hygiene conditions described at the four-star hotel

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Illness outbreaks ruin holidays at the Skanes Family Resort, Tunisia

A large group of holidaymakers have contacted Holiday Illness Claims seeking compensation after sickness and diarrhoea completely devastated their two-week stay at the Skanes Family Resort.

The holidaymakers claim that all 14 members of their party, including a young baby, fell ill as a result of appalling hygiene standards at the hotel.

Alarmingly, they claim that the young baby was ill for a number of weeks and required doctor-led care once back in the UK.

The holidaymakers report to have witnessed a number of hygiene breaches at the Skanes Family Resort including blocked, overflowing toilets; dirty cutlery, rotten tables and flies everywhere. They claim that they even attempted to clean eating surfaces with their own anti-bacterial wipes as hygiene standards were so poor at the hotel.

Reports of poor hygiene standards at the hotel are rife on TripAdvisor.

One commentator bluntly states that hygiene is not the best at the hotel. They report that three members of their holiday party contracted confirmed cases of E coli following GP tests.

Anne Thomson, head of travel law at Holiday Illness Claims commented: It is atrocious that so many holidaymakers have fallen ill at the Skanes Family Resort.

Breaches of hygiene standards are extremely serious and can lead to severe illness. I would urge anyone who has been affected by illness at the Skanes Family Resort to contact Holiday Illness Claims immediately and start a no win, no fee claim for compensation.

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