Sickness bugs and ear infections plague Green Nature Resort and Spa

Our holiday illness claims team is aware of British holidaymakers suffering sickness bugs at the Green Nature Resort and Spa in Marmaris, Turkey.

Visitors to the hotel have commented on unclean swimming pools and poor hygiene standards during their stay. Some have suffered symptoms of sickness and diarrhoea with others contracting ear infections at the Green Nature Resort and Spa.

This has led to many holidaymakers commenting on their stay at the Green Nature Resort and Spa through the hotel review website TripAdvisor.

One holidaymaker said: The food was awful with not much selection at all and did not cater for kids.

The slide pool was dirty and so many adults and children slipped on the floors around the pools.

Whilst we stayed there, over 150 people had gone down with sickness and diarrhoea including all eight of us.

My 12 year old got an ear infection to and had to have antibiotics. Many people we spoke to had to see the doctor for injections and tablets and were told to stay in their rooms for four days.

Others have described the chicken served at the hotel as raw and fleshy stating that it was no surprise we were all sick.

Tracy Stansfield, an experienced holiday claims solicitor, commented: The reports we have read online regarding the Green Nature Resort in Turkey and Spa are concerning.

Inadequately cleaned swimming pools can lead to holidaymakers contracting ear infections. It is our hope that the tour operators and hotel management will also investigate the food and hygiene standards within the hotel to ensure further illness does not occur.

I would advise anyone who believes that they or their children may have contracted an ear infection to seek medical assistance. I would also encourage anyone who has suffered a holiday illness at the Green Nature Resort and Spa to contact us for advice on all aspects of the claims process.

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