Outbreaks of illness at the Onyria Claros in Turkey

Outbreaks of illness at the Onyria Claros reported

Our holiday illness claims team has recently received an enquiry from a British holidaymaker who fell ill during their stay at the Onyria Claros in Turkey.

Numerous holidaymakers have witnessed poor food hygiene standards at the hotel. This has led many to commenting on their stays through the review website TripAdvisor.

Visitors to the hotel have warned: Beware the food that sits lukewarm for two hours I ended up in hospital.

Others have commented on being served stone cold food, describing their dining experience as carnage.

One holidaymaker from Bristol stated: The food was the same every day and you could tell the food in the evening was leftovers from lunch. The food was always lukewarm, bland, salty, dry, and disgusting.

The hygiene in the restaurant and hotel in general was awful. It was very difficult to find a clean plate! Wasps and flies everywhere, even near the food!

Anne Thomson, head of our holiday illness claims team, commented: We have been contacted by a holidaymaker who was affected by illness at the Onyria Claros.

It is vital that all holiday hotels ensure that high standards of food and hygiene are in place and maintained. In this case it appears that a number of holidaymakers have found those hygiene practices to be below standard.

I hope that the tour operators and hotel management will investigate the reports of illness in order to protect the health of all hotel guests.

I would also encourage anyone whose holiday has been ruined by illness at the Onyria Claros to contact our holiday claims team for expert advice on the merits of making a claim.

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