Diarrhoea and ear infections at the Sherwood Breezes

Visitors to the Sherwood Breezes in Turkey have complained on TripAdvisor of falling ill.

Guests have said that the symptoms they have suffered include vomiting, stomach cramps, diarrhoea and ear infections.

Many have complained about the food saying that it was awful, poor and lukewarm.

One holidaymaker said I decided to eat some prawns, big mistake. At 2 am I began to feel ill and thought I would need to go to hospital.

Another family who travelled with their four children said:

On the second day my daughter sliced her toe on the water slide and had to see the doctor.

On the third day the kids all had ear infections! So more trips to the doctor!

By end of first week the family had bad tummies!!

We decided to eat at Burger King, 5 miles down the road after falling ill. It definitely wasn’t worth over 7 grand to eat in Burger King most days!

Anne Thomson, Head of Travel Law at Holiday Illness Claims said: It is important to ensure that the food and hygiene standards in the hotel are maintained at a high level.

Failure to implement and ensure that high standards are kept can lead to outbreaks of illness amongst guests.

Hoteliers and tour operators should ensure that the correct procedures are followed and that all staff realise how important this is. Health and safety should be paramount in their minds.

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