Sickness outbreaks continue at the Sahara Beach Resort

Reports of illness at the Sahara Beach Resort

Here at Holiday Illness Claims we have recently been contacted by a holidaymaker who has fallen ill at the Sahara Beach Resort in Tunisia.

Their stay at the Thomas Cook promoted hotel was ruined as they began suffering symptoms including sickness and diarrhoea.

We were contacted by a number of holidaymakers in 2014 who had been affected by similar symptoms, with many holidaymakers reporting experiencing sickness and ear infections at the hotel.

In recent weeks, holidaymakers have commented on TripAdvisor after witnessing poor standards of food hygiene at the Sahara Beach Resort.

One guest reported the dining was disgusting after finding that everything was dirty. They added, All of our party was sick and we moved hotels after 5 days.

Another holidaymaker experienced food poisoning during their stay and stated that the food was not very hot.

Tracy Stansfield, an experienced holiday claims solicitor at Holiday Illness Claims, commented: We have spoken to a number of holidaymakers who have fallen ill at the Sahara Beach Resort.

To read of further holidaymakers being affected by suspected food poisoning is worrying. If food and hygiene standards are poor, there is a risk of holidaymakers being affected by serious illness.

I hope the tour operators and hotel management will investigate the current reports of illness and deal with the causes to  ensure that there are no  further cases of illness.

Anyone who has fallen ill at the Sahara Beach Resort can contact the expert team at Holiday Illness Claims for advice on the merits of making a claim for compensation.

Was your holiday at the Sahara Beach Resort ruined by illness?

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