Grand Memories Varadero guests suffer in ongoing sickness saga


The travel law team at HolidayIllnessClaims are concerned to learn that guests are continuing to report of illness problems at the Grand Memories Varadero resort, Cuba.

If poor hotel hygiene has resulted in an illness which ruined your package holiday, as long as your illness lasted for at least seven days then you could be eligible to make a claim for holiday illness compensation!

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Hygiene at the Grand Memories Varadero slammed as multiple holidaymakers fall ill

  • Lukewarm and fly ridden food apparently served to guests
  • Multiple concerns also raised regarding the hotel pool hygiene
  • Numerous guests claim that they wont be returning following their visit

It has recently become transparent to the legal experts at HolidayIllnessClaims, that gastric illness has been affecting multiple guests at the Grand Memories Varadero resort in Cuba.

This comes after numerous former guests of the Thomson promoted hotel have conveyed their opinions on TripAdvisor, to warn others of the current problems that the Grand Memories Varadero is facing.

One poster who titled their review Bad memories not grand! revealed:

The buffet restaurant was very unpleasant, food was cold, even when it was brought out.

We complained to the restaurant manager, he took our room number but nothing further was done. In the buffet restaurant I was disgusted to find birds flying around, landing on tables and food, again this was reported but nothing [was] done.

The pool area and the bars look lovely from a distance, however, the pools are quite dirty. On our first visit one of the main pool was closed due to algae and human waste.

Usually hotels clean the pools daily but even early in the morning the water was dirty.

On top of this, another recent visitor of the Grand Memories Varadero who travelled with their family disclosed:

Where to start! So luxuriousâ?¦ it wasn’t.

We did get ill except my youngest. Nearly two weeks back and [were] still having issues so why? Cleanliness is not great and Im not sure the pool is great, buckets of chlorine [were poured] into the pool with people in it and [it] had gas bubbling away!

There were also issues with birds, rubbish, toilets not working and flies!

Our experienced solicitors thoughts

It is disappointing learn of yet more illnesses to occur at this resort, so soon after the last time that sickness was reported.

The discovery of illness at Cuban hotels is becoming a regular occurrence and it is important that holidaymakers are aware that they can secure justice for their ruined getaways.

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Tracy Stansfield
Experienced solicitor at YourHolidayClaims

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