Suspected food poisoning ruins holidays at the H Top Molinos Park, Salou


Returning holidaymakers have reported experiencing symptoms of sickness and diarrhoea at the H Top Molinos Park, thought to have been caused as a result of suspected food poisoning.

One holidaymaker commented on TripAdvisor to warn others about the outbreaks of illness at the hotel; whatever was left over from one meal was served at the next.

As a result, her son was ill in bed for two days with a bad stomach.

Tracy Stansfield, a holiday illness claims solicitor said: We are concerned by these reports of poor food and hygiene standards at the H Top Milinos Hotel. It appears that a number of holidaymakers have been affected by illness as a result of this.

I hope the tour operators and the management of the H Top Molinos Park take these reports seriously and investigate the recent cause of illness that has seemingly affected many British holidaymakers.

The team and I urge anyone who has been unfortunate to have fallen ill at this hotel to get in touch with us as soon as possible, to receive expert legal advice and guidance..

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