Reports of illness at the Trianflor Hotel in Tenerife

We have received numerous enquiries from holidaymakers who became ill whist at the Trianflor Hotel in Tenerife.

The Trianflor Hotel is a 4 star all inclusive, located in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. The hotel is situated close to the beach and has three restaurants, three swimming pools and sauna.

Guests to the hotel have complained of suffering from diarrhoea and sickness.

Reviews on TripAdvisor state that the food served was awful and often served more than once- what you have for the evening meal is always on the buffet the next day for breakfast.

Another guest to the property has also said that food was often lukewarm and in order to eat hot food a microwave was provided to heat the buffet, however the microwave wasnt cleaned after every meal.

During the second week of one couples stay the microwave did not work, so hot food was completely out of the question.

Hygiene standards may well have been a problem with food often left uncovered with flies landing on the meat, stale bread and mouldy cheese.

Tracy Stansfield, an experienced solicitor at Holiday Illness Claims said: We do not have any information as of yet about the source of the outbreak but questions must be raised about the hygiene standards.

If you have suffered illness at the Trianflor Hotel in Tenerife and you are still at the hotel, I would suggest that you make a formal complaint. If you have returned home, contact Holiday Illness Claims for professional advice about how to make a claim for compensation after holiday illness in Spain.

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