Holidaymakers warn Stomach bug! Beware! at the Marconfort Beach Club, Torremolinos

We have recently read reviews on TripAdvisor regarding an illness outbreak at the Marconfort Beach Club. The hotel is a 4 star all inclusive situated in Torremolinos, Spain. The Marconfort Beach Club features a buffet restaurant serving breakfast, dinner and tea, swimming pool and arcade.

Guests have warned others to beware and avoid unless you want the dreaded bug.  Many people have complained about being violently sick whilst others have witnessed guests being sick by the pool.

Throughout the reviews, it is evident that visitors are not sure whether it is the food or water that has caused the illness outbreak.  Many reviews comment on the water stating I dont think it was filtered, I drank two glasses one night and became sick. Another guest has said my advice is don’t drink water from machine and don’t take ice with your drinks, we caught the bug and lost two days of our holiday.

One family think they may have become ill after eating cheese that was left out in the heat, they commented the food is reasonable but needs to be kept hot and meat needs to be cooked thoroughly.

A teenage holidaymaker wrote everyone in my party got the bug. She goes on to say altogether, we lost a week of our two week holiday and as my dad is a Dialysis patient, this bug completely wrecked our holiday because he was bed ridden for most of the two weeks.

Tracy Stansfield, an experienced holiday illness claims solicitor, said Its alarming to read of so many holidaymakers becoming ill at the Marconfort Beach Club.

The hotel needs to address this issue without delay. An urgent investigation is needed to identify any breakdown in food or water hygiene procedures and to make sure that the outbreak does not continue. Going forwards food, water  and hygiene policies and procedures need to be examined to ensure that they are rigorous enough.

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