Holidaymaker struck by salmonella at Fanabe Costa Sur Hotel in Tenerife

The expert team at Holiday Illness Claims are helping a family claim compensation after their son was diagnosed with salmonella after falling ill at Fanabe Costa Sur Hotel.

  • Guests complain of poor quality food at the Fanabe Costa Sur Hotel
  • Families forced to seek medical attention on return to the UK
  • Holidaymaker turns to Holiday Illness Claims for help to claim compensation

If youve fallen ill on holiday at the Fanabe Costa Sur Hotel within the past 3 years, the experts at Holiday Illness Claims can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

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Guests complain of poor food hygiene standards at Fanabe Costa Sur Hotel

Holidaymakers have taken to TripAdvisor to complain of poor food hygiene standards at the Fanaba Costa Sur Hotel.

One visitor said: Our main complaint would be the food which was bland and repetitive.

Breakfast in particular was very poor orange juice is out of a machine and has no resemblance to juice, the meats and cheeses were of the cheapest quality, and the same three tinned fruits were provided everyday both or breakfast and evening meal. I tried every type of bread on offer but it was all stale.

Another guest have also complained about the poor quality of food at the hotel. She said: The quality of the food was quite poor, especially the fruits and desserts. Fruit like watermelon was not refrigerated properly, and I also found a cockroach inside the fruit bowl.

Anne Thomson, Head of Travel Law at Holiday Illness Claims said: Holidaymakers should never suffer sickness as a result of poor food and hygiene in a holiday hotel.

Salmonella food poisoning is a serious illness, tour operators promoting this hotel and the hotelier should investigate the source of the outbreak without further delay.

I would encourage anyone whose stay at this hotel has been ruined by illness to contact myself or a member of our dedicated team for advice on making a no win no fee holiday claim.

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