Holiday at the Zoraida Resort if you want to risk illness

We have been reading reviews on TripAdvisor of an outbreak of illness at the Zoraida Resort, Roquetas de Mar, Spain.

The Zoraida Resort is a 4 star all inclusive, promoted by Thomas Cook Holidays. The hotel enjoys a beachfront location and boasts two swimming pools, two restaurants, four bars and sauna.

Holidaymakers have complained about their dreadful experience at said that  they have suffered gastroenteritis.

Visitors have remarked on the food served at this hotel stating the food was warm, never hot and food was left in the serving trays, not once did I see a chef check the temperature of food left standing.

Reports also comment upon the standard of hygiene at the hotel, with appalled guests saying that after their illness the maid used the same mop and cleaning cloths in other rooms, spreading the bacteria.

One party of eight visited the hotel and reported that five of them became ill with the bug.

One family said we all suffered from the illness from the third day, until leaving. Dad believed the illness came from the pool water, saying my daughter was that poorly, she ended up on a drip, it was terrifying. Another holidaymaker has said I suspect it is the food. We didnt leave the complex so it is conclusive that it is something in the hotel causing the illness.

A guest who was in a party of eleven said: seven of us became very sick, the hotel led us to believe that it was an isolated case. After speaking with other guests, they discovered that many holidaymakers had contracted the bug. One party member said I have never been so sick and had to call a doctor.

It is disheartening when illness strikes whilst on holiday, visitors have said Our holiday was ruined due to the sickness. It takes all year to save for this and look forward to it. Something at the hotel needs to be done.

Anne Thomson, head of our holiday illness claims department comments: After reading the reviews on TripAdvisor, it appears that urgent investigations need to be carried out to find the source of the outbreak.

The hotel needs to follow strict food hygiene procedures to ensure outbreaks such as these are kept to a minimum. Bacteria contaminating food or drink is a potential cause of gastric illness and if there has been a breakdown in procedures, allowing food to become contaminated, this needs to be identified and rectified immediately

It is unacceptable for holidaymakers to save all year for their holiday and then to become ill due to inadequacies in a hotels hygiene procedures.

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