Holidays ruined by gastroenteritis at Sun Tropical Hotel in Lanzarote

An outbreak of gastroenteritis has left holidaymakers requiring injections during their stay at the Sun Tropical Hotel in Lanzarote.

  • Holidaymakers left with almost 400 euro bill after medical treatment
  • Guests report witnessing flies swarming round found
  • Outbreaks of gastroenteritis ruin stays at the all-inclusive hotel

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Guests left seeking medical attention after sickness outbreaks at Sun Tropical Hotel

British holidaymakers have taken to TripAdvisor to complain of the outbreaks of sickness which have plagued the Sun Tropical Hotel in recent weeks.

One couple have told of how they suffered gastroenteritis whilst at the hotel. They commented: We took ill while at the hotel and needed to have 4 injections daily from the on-site doctor.

The gentleman continued: I was told the treatment would cost between â?¬95 and â?¬155, but they issued me with a bill at the end of the treatment for â?¬395.00 which I thought was outrageous.

This treatment was for Gastroenteritis. What a joke!

Others have criticised the hotel for their standards of hygiene. One guest said there was an infestation on our balcony of ants, so much so we were provided with insect repellent as standard!

Another holidaymaker commented on the restaurant at the hotel. She said: The fruit and desserts were often fly covered and ant invaded, there was graffiti on the dining hall female toilets gouged into the doors. None of the public toilets locked.

Anne Thomson Head of Travel Law said: Poor food and hygiene standards are totally unacceptable in package holiday hotels.

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