Sickness and ear infections at Occidental Lanzarote Playa

A British family have contacted Holiday Illness Claims reporting to have suffered from sickness, diarrhoea and ear infections during their recent stay at Occidental Lanzarote Playa.

  • Hard-earned holiday ruined by illness
  • Guests seek medical advice on return home
  • Appalling food and pool hygiene described

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Holiday illness at Occidental Lanzarote Playa

Holiday Illness Claims recently spoke with a British family who claim to have fallen severely ill with gastric illness symptoms during their stay at the four-star Occidental Lanzarote Playa.

The stricken party also claim that one of their youngest family members suffered from an unpleasant ear infection for which medical treatment was sought on their return home.

Unfortunately, illness does not appear to be a stranger to guests at the Costa Teguise complex. In recent weeks, reports of poor hygiene standards have surfaced on hotel review site TripAdvisor.

Quite a few guests were ill during the week, states a Bexhill-on-Sea holidaymaker adding that this came as no surprise after they were served a raw burger.

In a particularly worrying comment, the disgruntled guest claims that the lunch and dinner menu was normally reheated food from whatever wasn’t eaten the day before and didn’t look edible.

Other recent guests have queried pool hygiene practices, describing the pool as filthy and littered with rubbish. Several guests have also commented that the pools were freezing cold despite being advertised as heated.

Holiday Illness Claims have helped British holidaymakers recover thousands in successful claims for holiday illness in Spain. In one of our more recent successes, travel law expert Sue Robinson secured a £4,250 pay out for a West Yorkshire couple after a sickness bug ruined their Spanish getaway.

Commenting on the reports of illness at Occidental Lanzarote Playa, Sue said: Illness and poor hygiene are completely unacceptable within a package holiday.

It is well known that if food is served undercooked or reheated over consecutive days that harmful bacteria can multiply. Similarly, poor pool hygiene can lead to a number of illnesses such as cryptosporidium or painful ear infections.

At Holiday Illness Claims our helpline remains open to anyone who has fallen ill at Occidental Lanzarote Playa within the last three years. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can advise you on the merits of your case and answer questions you may have regarding the claims process.

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