Sa Coma sickness continues: ongoing hand, foot and mouth disease outbreak results in further legal action

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Over 20 British holidaymakers have instructed the HIC travel law solicitors after their hard-earned family holidays were ruined by repeat outbreaks of hand, foot and mouth disease at the four-star Protur Safar Park resort, Sa Coma.

Our expert claims team first raised concerns regarding hygiene practices at the resort in July 2017 and continue to hear from yet more afflicted hotel guests.

Concerned parent, Joanne Knocker, contacted our dedicated hand, foot and mouth disease specialists after her 2-year-old daughter Maddie McCloskey developed illness symptoms within days of their arrival at the resort in September 2017.

Joanne claims that Maddie had a fever, rash, mouth ulcers and blisters â?¦ some of her skin is still peeling and she may be left with scars on her face.

She is highly critical of Thomsons response to the outbreak and comments that staff were clearly not enforcing cleaning methods.

I feel Thomson should have informed us at time of booking that this virus was in the hotel, she adds.

There were times wed go to sit at a table and it was not clean, the same goes for the highchairs. I dont even think these were wiped down not to mention any disinfectant being used. For such a large/busy hotel especially with reported cases of this virus, the staff should be on top of it.

Joanne fears that the true extent of the outbreak may never be known as so many cases were not being reported as people were afraid to miss their flights home.

The Farrington family agree that little information was provided regarding the illness during their summer break at the resort.

Mr Farrington is adamant that notices regarding the disease were not prominent and no information sheet was provided to them.

He sought medical treatment in resort when his young daughter, Sophie, developed a high temperature, stomach cramps and blisters. After receiving a diagnosis of hand, foot and mouth disease from a local doctor, the sickness stricken one-year-old was prescribed a throat spray and painkillers.

Unfortunately, Sophie continued to suffer from ill effects even upon her return home and it was then that her father sought legal assistance from HIC, joining the group claim for hand, foot and mouth disease in Sa Coma.

HIC Litigation Executive, Danielle Burnie, said of the group action: Hand, foot and mouth disease can quickly ruin an eagerly anticipated family holiday with those affected often confined to their rooms to recover.

Here at HIC, we are currently representing in excess of 20 holidaymakers who claim to have suffered in repeat outbreaks at the Sa Coma resort. Illness should never be an added extra in your package holiday and I would like to reassure British holidaymakers that a claim for compensation could be made if your holiday illness was the result of breakdowns in hygiene standards in your package holiday hotel.

The HIC helpline remains open on 0800 01 54321 offering expert legal advice on the merits of making a claim for compensation.

Did hand, foot and mouth disease ruin your holiday?

If you or your loved ones fell ill on a package holiday within the last 3 years, you too could be eligible to make a no win no fee compensation claim.

To discuss your case with one of our sick on holiday team, call 0800 01 54321.

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