Portsmouth family instruct HIC following hand, foot and mouth disease horror on holiday in Turkey

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A family of 4 have turned to industry experts, HolidayIllnessClaims, for help to make a claim for compensation after their first holiday abroad was ruined by illness.

British holidaymakers, Craig Mason, Sarah Edwards and their two children jetted off to the five-star Trendy Lara Hotel in Antalya, Turkey, with high hopes for a memorable stay.

Within days however, their excitement was exchanged for concern as 11-month old Ernie became unwell, suffering from a high temperature, irritability, and developed a rash over his body.

The hotel nurse diagnosed the infant with an allergy rash but this diagnosis was soon revised when the doctor issuing the fit to fly certificate, informed the family that Ernie had contracted the unpleasant viral infection, hand, foot and mouth disease.

The doctors diagnosis was confirmed once they were back in the UK following both a hospital and GP visit. Unfortunately, the family were informed that the hand, foot and mouth disease had led to dermatitis due to some of the sores cracking, bleeding and becoming infected. This has led Ernie to require antibiotic treatment.

Speaking to the specialist HIC claims team, father Mr Mason expresses concerns that the hotel and tour operator were aware that cases of hand, foot and mouth disease had been reported previously.

We believe that this hotel knew about the HFMD before we arrived as they responded to Tripadvisor reports before we even got there, he states.

They told us it was an allergy and denied any knowledge of HFMD. We believe that Thomas Cook would also have read these reports as it is their job to know.

Mr Mason confirms that he was also not provided with an information sheet and could not see any posters warning others of the alleged outbreak in spite of reports that other children had also suffered from hand, foot and mouth disease.

HIC: Hand, foot and mouth disease specialists

After speaking with the dedicated hand, foot and mouth disease claims experts at HIC, the Porstmouth family resolved to pursue a claim for holiday illness, instructing Litigation Executive, Leigh Carroll, on a no win no fee basis.

Commenting on the case, Leigh said: Hand, foot and mouth disease can be particularly unpleasant and can lead to complications, as we can see in Ernies case.

I would always advise anyone who thinks they may have contracted hand, foot and mouth disease on holiday to seek medical attention and to inform their tour operator of their illness as soon as possible.

Exchanging contact details with other ill hotel guests and documenting any potential hygiene breaches could also prove useful should you wish to make a claim for compensation on your return home.

Here, at HIC we are currently helping over 20 British families pursue no win no fee claims following outbreaks of hand, foot and mouth disease in package holiday hotels.

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