Poor handling of food held responsible for illness issues at the Ocean Casa del Mar hotel

Holday Illness Claims in Cuba

Multiple recent visitors of the Ocean Casa del Mar hotel in Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba, have recently claimed to have had their stays at the four star resort spoiled by sickness.

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Holidaymakers suffer in suspected illness outbreak at the Ocean Casa del Mar

  • Food reportedly recycled in the hotels main restaurants
  • Some guests reveal that tables were also not cleaned properly within the resort
  • Those affected by illness urge others to bring medication if they are planning on staying at the Ocean Casa del Mar

The specialist travel law team here at HolidayIllnessClaims are worried over recent reports that have surfaced online, which indicate that many recent visitors of the Ocean Casa del Mar hotel have unfortunately been hit by illness during their stay.

Those who claim to have been struck by illness at the Cuban resort have commented on TripAdvisor, about how sickness tainted their highly anticipated visits to the Thomas Cook promoted hotel.

One of those who claims to have been affected by the recent sickness problems at the Ocean Casa del Mar, revealed:

[We] visited this resort Jan 13-20 2018. [Im] not sure how this is rated [as] a 4 star [hotel] but I dont like to feed people lies. My review is based solely on my trip.

Repeat food [was served] at the main buffet. My daughter got very ill from the main restaurant food. Bring [medication] with you. Tables need to be cleaned a little better.

I will never in my life go back to this resort [and] I wouldnt recommend it to anyone I liked.

People spend your hard earned money somewhere else.

Furthermore, other holidaymakers have also commented on how illness has put them off ever revisiting the Ocean Casa del Mar resort. A February 2018 visitor of the Cuban resort recently commented:

My only complaint l have with this resort and what will hinder my decision to come back [on] April 13th, because l can still cancel my reservation, was the fact that now that l am home, l have been very ill.

Since the Wednesday before coming home, l have now been seen by the doctor and apparently l have caught a parasite from being down there, and this is what has cause me to have all the flu like symptoms.

You have to be very careful when eating food the doctor said, because food that is supposed to be “hot” should be hot!

Cuba itself needs to maybe get some training on proper food handling procedures. Less people would get sick.

Our specialists thoughts

It is disturbing to learn of the news that has recently emerged from Cubas Ocean Casa del Mar hotel, where poor hotel hygiene has reportedly led to numerous illnesses at the resort.

The most important thing now is that these reports are quickly investigated and dealt with. The last thing on a holidaymakers mind should be being worried about falling ill due to a lack of hygiene at their resort.

However if poor hotel hygiene has resulted in you falling ill for at least a week on your package holiday, then our legal team may be able to help you.

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Lucy Johnson
Litigation manager at HolidayIllnessClaims

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