No fun for guests at the ClubHotel Riu Funana

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The legal experts at HolidayIllnessClaims have been alerted to recent problems at the five-star ClubHotel Riu Funana, where multiple recent guests of the Cape Verdean hotel have claimed to have fallen ill.

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Holidaymakers critical of the hygiene standards at ClubHotel Riu Funana

  • Poor hygienic practices held responsible for numerous gastric illness cases at the hotel
  • Thomsons handling of the outbreak heavily criticised
  • Online reports also reveal guests of the five star resort have suffered from ear infections

HolidayIllnessClaims understands that a number of highly anticipated holidays to the ClubHotel Riu Funana have been unfortunately plagued by illness.

This became transparent to the HIC team, after discovering a number of reviews of the ClubHotel Riu Funana which have been made by holidaymakers on website TripAdvisor.

One of these frustrated guests who stayed at the Thomson promoted hotel in August 2017 with their family, commented:

Three of our party became ill whilst stopping at the hotel [and] it was only when my wife went to find some information on the airport transfers that she found a letter from TUI hidden away in corner of the hotel about the problems the hotel was having with illness.

TUI should be doing a lot, lot more to warn their customers of the potential health risks and after reading other reviews it is obviously this is an ongoing problem at the hotel.

When we were out and about we were warned many times by the locals about the hotel and its health issues but by then it was too late.

In addition to this, another dismayed holidaymaker also revealed the details of their stay, as they disclosed:

There was a doctor on site, which was handy as there seemed to be a high demand for one.

There was an issue with ear infections and stomach bugs. The stomach bug issue wasn’t a surprise considering the amount of flies in some of the hotel areas.

Our expert opinion

Multiple recent reviews of the ClubHotel Riu Funana have recently been brought to our attention, and firstly I send out my thoughts to all those who have been affected by the illness outbreak at this hotel.

Comments made by the resorts recent guests are pleading with the tour operator to do more about this outbreak, and if the reports are indeed true I 100% agree that more needs to be done by Thomson.

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Sue Robinson
Expert solicitor at HolidayIllnessClaims

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