Multiple illnesses reported at Bulgarias Aqua Nevis Clubhotel


The HIC team are concerned over recent reports which have emerged from the four star Aqua Nevis Clubhotel, that suggest illness has plagued numerous stays at the Bulgarian hotel.

If you too have had a package holiday which has been ruined by illness, then you may be able to make a claim for holiday illness compensation.

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Online reviews display the recent Aqua Nevis Clubhotel problems

  • Food poisoning and hand, foot and mouth disease claims made by recent guests of the resort
  • One former visitor reveals they were gobsmacked at the hotels hygiene standards
  • It is still not too late to make a claim for compensation if you have had a holiday ruined by illness within the past three years!

The legal specialists here at HolidayIllnessClaims are aware that many recent guests of the Aqua Nevis Clubhotel have unfortunately succumbed to illness during their stay.

Multiple holidaymakers have complained about the four star resort on TripAdvisor, including one poster who disclosed:

Our trip to Bulgaria (Aqua Nevis Clubhotel) was marred with food poisoning.

All 4 of us fell ill during the 1 week we stayed in the hotel. We had vomiting and diarrhoea.

There were issues at the hotel with cross contamination as there were several guests with kids who were also ill at the same time.

I am gobsmacked at the attitude and the poor cleaning by the room attendant. No wonder there is [an] outbreak in the hotel and they require an onsite doctor to be present at all times.

On top of this, in a post simply titled virus, another afflicted holidaymaker questioned:

Has anybody else’s children come down with hand, foot and mouth virus during [their] stay?

My son came ill whilst [we were] there and [I] was wondering if there was an outbreak as I know to a few cases seen whilst thereâ?¦

Comments from our legal specialist

Well firstly it is very unnerving to learn about the sheer amount of holidaymakers who have been struck by sickness whilst staying at the Aqua Nevis Clubhotel.

Here at HolidayIllnessClaims we are fully aware of how distressing it can be to fall ill whilst on holiday, so our thoughts go out to those who have been affected in this recent outbreak.

However if you have been hit by illness on your package holiday, you do not have to suffer in silence. Contact the dedicated legal team at HolidayIllnessClaims today to reveal whether or not you can make a claim for compensation.

Leigh Carroll
Litigation Executive at HolidayIllnessClaims

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