Yet more holidays from hell at Stil Playa Victoria Hotel, Spain

We continue to receive instructions from families who have had their annual holidays ruined by a bug which has been affecting hotel guests since June 2014.

As the enquiries continue, our holiday illness claims team increasingly fear that unless and until drastic action is undertaken; more holidaymakers will continue to fall ill.

A holidaymaker from the Wirral who returned to the UK last Friday spent 3 days confined to their hotel room after both her daughters fell ill, suffering symptoms of sickness and diarrhoea.

She said on Tripadvisor: This bug has been going since June as I read here on Tripadvisor so something needs doing!

Anne Thomson, head of our holiday illness claims team, said: Im deeply concerned about the number of reports that are reaching me of illness at this hotel and I hope the tour operator, Thomson, has taken steps to deal with the totally unacceptable situation that continues to ruin so many holidays.

I urge anyone that has been affected to seek legal advice and to not accept any form of compensation from Thomson direct. Holidaymakers often do not know what they can claim for and by settling direct, they are losing out financially again. Not only will they have paid for a substandard holiday but they could have been vastly undercompensated.

Stil Victoria Playa Hotel Compensation Claims

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