Illness still rife at the BQ Delfin Azul

Almost two months after we last reported on illness at the BQ Delfin Azul Hotel we are dismayed to read on TripAdvisor of more reviews complaining of illness.

Guests have said Yes there is a bug and they need to sort it out. One family fell ill within two days of arriving one after another.

Two couples who holidayed together said in their review four days after arriving I caught it, the day after my friends husband caught it and then the day after that my husband caught it.

Guests were annoyed as they were assured by Thomson the bug was under control before arriving. Others have commented on how Thomson representatives handled the outbreak, stating before leaving, the Thomson reps told us in no uncertain terms, there was no illness. That was obviously a complete lie.

One reviewer has said out of an 11 day holiday we had 2 days before the bug struck and 3 post bug. We feel very let down by Thomson for letting this situation arise and for not letting us change our holiday.

Another holidaymaker, a student who had saved hard for his holiday had it ruined by illness. He went on to say: The Delfin Azul and Thomson are simply entirely focused on making sure they make money, rather than making sure their visitors, who have spent good money on their stays have a great stay.

Anne Thomson, head of our holiday illness claims department, said: I am dismayed  to once again be reading of  an outbreak of illness at this hotel.

I can only hope the hotelier and tour operator take notice of the reviews and act upon them.

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