Disgusted guest blames food for Norovirus Club Mac Alcudia

Have you been affected by illness at the Club Mac Alcudia?

Here at Holiday Illness Claims we are receiving reports of guests falling ill again at the Club Mac Alcudia.

  • Ongoing illness outbreaks cause misery
  • Guest labels food “disgusting” 
  • Stricken holidaymaker diagnosed with confirmed norovirus infection

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Norovirus nightmare for Club Mac Alcudia guest

Club Mac Alcudia has in the past few years previously come under scrutiny after many holidaymakers fell ill whilst staying there.

The resort appeared in national newspapers, after large numbers of guests fell ill.

One woman, who travelled to the resort from Matlock, with her friend and both their daughters, took to TripAdvisor to comment on the hotels disgusting food

She commented; On day 3 I took my daughter to the burger stand as every piece of food that we had seen looked like it was undercooked. After a few bites we realised that the burger was not cooked all the way through and we decided to throw it in the bin.

That night my daughter was woken up severely sick. When I went to reception I was greeted with the impression that it was not the hotels problem, although 2 hours later they sent someone to clean up the vomit.

She added On day 4 I came down with sickness and diarrhoea, I didnt eat or drink anything for 3 full days. It didnt stop there. This lasted 8 weeks of feeling unwell and I was diagnosed with a norovirus, which I later discovered was circulating the hotel.

I just feel disgusted that we werent given a single warning from reps at First Choice who sold us the holiday

Tracy Stansfield, an experienced solicitor here at Holiday Illness Claims commented; It is sad to read reports of sickness amongst guests at the Club Mac Alcudia and hear yet again of holidays being ruined

Becoming unwell at home is unpleasant but becoming unwell in a foreign land can be even more distressing. Serving raw or undercooked food to guests is extremely dangerous and it can lead to them contracting serious gastric illnesses. It is therefore is imperative that the hotel implements and maintains strict food safety procedures.

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