Holidays cut short by illness at the TUI Sensimar Cabo Verde

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Following the discovery of a number of online reports, the HIC legal team are concerned that many recent guests of the TUI Sensimar Cabo Verde may have had their holidays marred by sickness.

If you have also suffered from sickness on a package holiday within the last three years, then you may be entitled to secure justice by making a holiday illness claim with the help of the HIC team!

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Holidaymakers reportedly rushed to hospital after succumbing to sickness at the TUI Sensimar Cabo Verde

  • Poor hygienic practices held responsible by many for the reported illness outbreak
  • Some guests very critical of TUIs handling of the situation
  • You could be entitled to make a claim if you have fallen ill on a package holiday for at least seven days!

Multiple former guests of Cape Verdes 5 star TUI Sensimar Cabo Verde have warned others about how their stays at the resort have been spoiled by sickness.

The affected holidaymakers have taken to TripAdvisor to vent their frustration following their ruined holiday, including January 2018 visitor who commented:

My holiday was cut short by illness.

During the unfortunate incident. I was rushed to the local (only) hospital which was primitive and lacking in resources.

Cape Verde is not a [good] place to be ill. My situation was misdiagnosed and led to difficult circumstances.

This has resulted in an on-going insurance battle.

On top of this, another recent visitor of the TUI promoted resort also revealed how their holiday was marred by illness, as they revealed:

Unfortunately 2 days into the holiday I suffered a severe bout of sickness and diarrhoea. I was seen by the doctor on site and prescribed medication.

I was confined to my room for a few days which presented some difficulties to my partner due to her degree of disability.

The biggest issue of concern though is the hot food, it just isnt hot. Its meant to be kept hot but somethings wrong, its just not hot at all. It is, what at best can only be described as lukewarm and even cold in some cases.

The hotel management are aware of this, theres numerous mentions about the temperature of the hot food in other reviews.

The other issue we had was the attitude of the TUI rep. Again, as this is the issue of a major complaint I wont go into detail. I will say however, that this person needs some urgent disability awareness and customer relations training.

Comments from our travel law expert

Firstly I must say it is very disappointing to learn that multiple visits to the TUI Sensimar Cabo Verde have recently been ruined by sickness.

Our travel law team have heard of many cases of illness which have occurred in the Sal region of Cape Verde in recent months, and it is simply inexcusable that holidaymakers are continuing to have their holidays spoiled by illness and poor hotel hygiene in this area.

If your trip to Cape Verde has been devastated by sickness, then you could be entitled to justice via holiday illness compensation. Contact either myself or any of the legal experts here at HolidayIllnessClaims now to discover whether or not you can launch a claim.

Danielle Burnie
Litigation Executive at HolidayIllnessClaims

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