Egyptian escapes continue to be stopped by sickness at Holiday Village Red Sea


Here at Holiday Illness Claims we are continuing to hear from holidaymakers whose stays at the Holiday Village Red Sea resort in Egypt were ruined by unrelenting illness outbreaks.

  • The resort continues to remain under fire from holidaymakers since its appearance on Watchdog in 2012
  • Hotels appearance on the BBC programme portrayed its poor hygiene standards
  • Complaints continue as holidaymaker contacts our experts for help to make a holiday illness claim

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Holidaymakers left hospitalised after staying at Holiday Village Red Sea

The Holiday Village Red Sea resort, which is marketed by U.K tour operator First Choice, continues to be slammed by numerous distressed holidaymakers.

A number of these holidaymakers are actively seeking compensation, as one particular guest has recently contacted us at Holiday Illness Claims after their stay in Egypt was spoiled by an outbreak of Cryptosporidium.

The enquiry reveals that the guest, and both of their young children, all suffered from symptoms such as diarrhoea, vomiting, regular headaches and a high temperature.

This holidaymaker is adamant that their families suffering was caused by terrible hotel standards, and particularly poor food hygiene practices.

In addition to this, a number of guest reports on website TripAdvisor show that this holidaymaker is not the only one who has been left displeased after their stay at the Holiday Village Red Sea.

One poster claims that they suffered from severe food poisoning.

They added: The chefs have no concept of cleanliness and we watched them cross contaminating in everything they cooked. There were staff cooking raw poultry and then handling raw meats with no washing of [their] hands.

The choice of food is atrocious and its no wonder everyone is sick due to the way its prepared.

In a rather alarming claim one previous guest discloses the severity of these outbreaks, after revealing that their wife had to spend time in hospital on their return to the U.K.

They said: The steak restaurant gave my wife and I food poisoningâ?¦she spent a few days in hospital in the UK recovering on a drip.

Anne Thomson, head of travel law at Holiday Illness Claims commented: It is unnerving to hear that reports of illness at Holiday Village Red Sea are unceasing.

Holiday Illness Claims has previously successfully represented holidaymakers stricken by illness at the Holiday Village Red Sea. It is frustrating to see that issues regarding illness outbreaks dating back a number of years still have not been addressed.

Holiday Illness Claims are available to help you receive the compensation you deserve following holiday illness in Egypt.

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