Constant complaints continue to be made by former Sol Dunas Resort guests


The travel law team here at HolidayIllnessClaims have once again discovered that the Sol Dunas Resort, Cape Verde, has become subject to multiple illness complains by unhappy holidaymakers.

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More holidays halted by illness at the Sol Dunas Resort

  • Recent Christmas getaways reportedly blighted by illness outbreaks at the Cape Verde hotel
  • Some former visitors of the hotel claim that the illness they suffered was food poisoning
  • Our team are regularly contacted by holidaymakers who are seeking compensation following ill-stricken visits to the Sol Dunas Resort

The TUI promoted Sol Dunas Resort has once again been slammed online by holidaymakers who have recently stayed at the hotel.

Multiple recent visitors of the four star hotel have taken to TripAdvisor, to convey how they feel following their devastated holidays.

One of these posters pleaded with TUI to take action and try and combat the outbreaks which are occurring at the Sol Dunas Resort, before revealing:

Just returned from a Christmas holiday here. This review is based on fact and no emotion and will be as concise as possible.

The guests become ill very quickly with sickness and diarrhoea (all 6 of us were ill and many, many others as well).

The food is high in quantity and low in quality. Not consistent with the star rating of the hotel. Outdoor restaurants such as the grille and terrazzo are exposed to the strong wind so food become cold as soon as it arrives at your table.

Worryingly, this is not the first time that our specialists have been notified of illness issues at this hotel. In summer of last year multiple guests claimed to have succumbed to illness during their holidays, including one distressed holidaymaker who claimed:

The food is at best lukewarm (not even warm and certainly not hot) and the best advice I can give is to only eat something that is cooked fresh in front of you.

I genuinely believe they have a problem in the restaurant whether it be with quality of food or hygiene or whether it is the temperature the food is kept at because in a party of 9 of us only my 9 year old son was not taken ill.

Between all of us starting about 4/5 days into our holiday we were all ill with sickness and diarrhoea of some degree varying in severity so much so that I have been back now for 6 days and am still suffering.

Our experts thoughts

Our team are concerned to learn of the news which has recently emerged from the Sol Dunas Resort in Cape Verde.

The reports being made suggest that food is being served to hotel guests undercooked, and if this is the case then the hotel management and tour operator need to undertake a serious investigation into the hygiene standards at this resort.

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Darren Bibby
Litigation Executive at HolidayIllnessClaims

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