Guests hit by ear infections at the Bellevue Club in Majorca

Guests report falling ill at the Bellevue Club

The expert solicitors at Holiday Illness Claims are helping a family claim compensation after their young son suffered a severe ear infection at the Bellevue Club in Majorca.

  • Illness outbreaks at the Bellevue Club plague guests for over a year
  • Guests contact Holiday Illness Claims as child is left on antibiotics after contracting ear infection
  • Holidaymakers complain of poor hygiene standards at the hotel swimming pools

Have you fallen ill on holiday at the Bellevue Club in Majorca in the past 3 years?

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More cases of poor hygiene and illness at Bellevue Club, Majorca

Here at Holiday Illness Claims we are seeing a large number of reports from guests at the Bellevue Club who have had their holidays ruined by illness and poor hygiene standards.

This comes as we have been contacted by a family seeking help to make a claim after a filthy swimming was thought to have caused their son to suffer an ear infection at the hotel.

Others have complained of a lack of cleanliness at the hotel swimming pools which many believe may have been the cause of outbreaks of illness.

One guest from Reading stated: In our weeklong visit we did not see the pool being cleaned once, we heard from other guests that people were falling ill after swimming in the pools.

The main pool was dreadful. The bins were overflowing with old plates and food, plastic cups were blowing everywhere. If you could actually get in the pool you certainly couldn’t move, let alone swim.

After 3 days I became rather unwell, I had an upset stomach and was suffering from severe drowsiness.

Tracy Stansfield, an experienced solicitor here at Holiday Illness Claims, commented: It is concerning to see so many guests affected by illness at the Bellevue Club.

If swimming pool water becomes contaminated, there is a risk of holidaymakers being affected by cryptosporidium, a parasite which can infect the intestines causing severe sickness and diarrhoea.

I would encourage anyone who has fallen ill at the Bellevue Club in the last three years to contact myself or a member of our expert holiday claims team for advice on whether they may be able to make a successful claim for holiday illness compensation.

Have you fallen ill at the Bellevue Club in Majorca?

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