Grand Resort Hurghada an absolute banquet for flies and little birds


Reports of illness and poor hygiene standards at the five-star Grand Hotel in Hurghada are emerging.

  • Food said to be simply horrid
  • Flies and birds feast on prepared foods
  • Stricken guest instructs Holiday Illness Claims

If sickness struck during your package holiday at Grand Resort Hurghada, the dedicated team at Holiday Illness Claims could help you make a hassle free, no win no fee claim for compensation.

As long as your stay was within the last three years, you could receive anything between £770 – £43,890 in a successful claim.

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Holiday illness at Grand Resort Hurghada

A British holidaymaker has contacted Holiday Illness Claims for compensation advice after his hard-earned getaway at Grand Resort Hurghada was reportedly ruined by illness.

In recent weeks, the 828-room resort has come under fire from disgruntled guests on TripAdvisor.

One holidaymaker claims that the food on offer is not nice at all with many meals appearing to be recycled from leftovers:

Breakfast same food every single day.

Lunch (buffet) mostly night before food mixed with cheese sauces, salad â?¦ covered in flies again.

Another guest labels the food simply horrid and agrees that many meals appear to be recycled. In a particularly alarming comment, the Broxbourne holidaymaker reports that the salad bar was totally open, not refrigerated and an absolute banquet for flies and little birds.

Tracy Stansfield, experienced solicitor at Holiday Illness Claims commented: I am most concerned by the reports of illness and poor hygiene at Grand Resort Hurghada.

It is well known that if food is recycled and stored incorrectly that serious illness such as food poisoning can occur. Similarly, insect and avian contamination of food is not only unsightly but a possible source of disease.

I would encourage anyone who has fallen ill at Grand Resort Hurghada to come forward and contact Holiday Illness Claims for advise on the merits of pursuing a no win no fee claim. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are on-hand and waiting for your call.

Help is at hand with Holiday Illness Claims

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