Gastroenteritis in Greece? Recent TUI Family Life Lagoon Princess guests complain of illness

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HolidayIllnessClaims are aware of recent claims which have been made by former guests of the TUI Family Life Lagoon Princess, which suggest gastric illness has been rife at the Greek resort in the past few weeks.

If a case of gastric illness has struck you on your Greek package holiday, as long as your illness has been within the past three years then you may be able to launch a claim!

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Family breaks reportedly ruined by illness at the TUI Family Life Lagoon Princess

  • Many report of a stomach bug at the hotel
  • Questions asked by holidaymakers over the food and pool hygiene
  • You might be able to make a claim for compensation if youve had to endure an illness on holiday for at least seven days!

Its come to the attention of the HolidayIllnessClaims team that holidaymakers who have visited the TUI Family Life Lagoon Princess resort in recent weeks, have unfortunately been hit by sickness.

This comes following the discovery of recently posted reviews on TripAdvisor, where multiple disgruntled holidaymakers have revealed the issues which have been happening at the hotel.

One of these dismayed guests who travelled to the Thomson promoted resort in August 2017, revealed:

The food was not great and lets the hotel down, to put it into context the food stall was the best because each item was cooked for you all other food is buffet style which leaves the food to go cold or lukewarm at best.

There were reports of a stomach bug before we went and unfortunately they are true as two of our party of six experienced illness and my son was [also] sick.

Furthermore, another guest also commented on the sickness problems at the TUI Family Life Lagoon Princess as they posted:

Unfortunately I was then struck by a really severe sickness bug, once again the hotel were not particularly helpful we had to request clean sheets and towels at 2 o’clock in the morning but little was provided.

The hotel are now refusing to acknowledge that I even got sick as I did not visit the doctor who reception advised us would cost â?¬150, also I wouldn’t call the doctor out at home if sick why would I in Greece?? My wife and son were sick the day we returned to the UK.

Comments from our Head of Travel Law

It is massively disappointing to learn that holidaymakers feel as though they have been let down following their visits to the TUI Family Life Lagoon Princess resort.

In all-inclusive resorts such as this, if outbreaks are not controlled sufficiently they can spread throughout the resort like wildfire.

However it is vital for you to remember that if your holiday has been devastated by illness then we may be able to help. Contact us today to find out more information on your potential claim.

Anne Thomson
Head of Travel Law at HolidayIllnessClaims

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