Family of four contract scabies at the Best Negresco Cap Salou

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A British family of four have reached out to industry experts Holiday Illness Claims for compensation advice reporting to have suffered from a confirmed scabies skin disease at the four-star Best Negresco Cap Salou.

  • Holidaymaker claims to be covered in red spots
  • Family unable to return to work or school due to contagious nature of the disease
  • Several recent guests report suffering from bites on TripAdvisor

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Confirmed cases of scabies at the Best Negresco Cap Salou

Holiday Illness Claims have been contacted by a British family of four who claim to have contracted scabies at the seafront Best Negresco Cap Salou.

The stricken family report that the skin disease has been confirmed by GP tests on their return to the UK.

One member of the afflicted holiday party details the extent of their suffering on review site TripAdvisor.

The four of us were covered in red spots that [were] very itchy; we went and got creams and spray but I said from the first night it was something to do with the [hotel] beds.

Arrived home on Sunday and went to the doctors to find out we all have the scabies.

Girls cant go back to school for 7 days till their treatment is over. My whole body [is] covered and it very itchy and annoying; cant sleep at night because am that itchy.

Recent reports on TripAdvisor suggest that a number of hotel guests were also plagued by bites during their stay with one holidaymaker expressing disgust that the sheets werent changed the whole week we were there.

Reports of food poisoning and lukewarm food have also been raised as areas of concern by recent visitors.

Tracy Stansfield, experienced solicitor at Holiday Illness Claims commented: Scabies is a particularly unpleasant skin disease in which tiny mites lay their eggs under the skin. This causes a red skin rash and intense itching.

Due to the contagious nature of the disease, those infected will require medical treatment and will need to stay off work or school until the treatment is completed.

At Holiday Illness Claims our helpline at remains open to anyone who has suffered from illness at the Best Negresco Cap Salou within the three years on a package holiday. Our friendly staff are on hand and waiting for your call.

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