Sickness Strikes at Holiday Village Red Sea, Egypt

Outbreaks of illness at the Holiday Village Red Sea

Here at Holiday Illness Claims we have read numerous reports of a sickness bug that is haunting guests at the Holiday Village Red Sea, Egypt.

This comes after we were contacted by another British holidaymaker whose stay at the Holiday Village Red Sea was affected by illness.

We are now seeing an alarming number of holidaymakers taking to TripAdvisor to register their disappointment in the standards of food and hygiene at the First Choice hotel.

One holidaymaker took to the site to say: The steak that the hotel were happily feeding to guests gave my wife food poisoning, no doubt.

You could tell just by looking that it was underprepared, after consuming the food my wife was bedridden for the rest of our stay, once returning to the UK she visited hospital and ended up spending a few days recovering on a drip.

Another angry guest stated: I contracted the stomach bug just a couple of days into my stay at the hotel, this then lasted the whole of my stay and upon returning to the UK I was given antibiotics by my doctor.

He told me that I had ingested some kind of parasite which is frightening considering I took my children on the trip with me. It wasnt just us who had the illness, if you spoke to any other guest they had either experienced the illness themselves, or knew someone who had. This is totally unacceptable.

Tracy Stansfield, an experienced solicitor at Holiday Illness Claims, commented on these reports; It is concerning to once again read of outbreaks of illness at the Holiday Village Red Sea.

Eating contaminated food can lead to severe illness and can quickly ruin a holiday. If you, or anybody you know has fallen ill at the Holiday Village Red Sea, Egypt, then do not hesitate to give myself or a member of our experienced team a call to see if you may be entitled to make a no win no fee claim for compensation.

Have you fallen ill at the Holiday Village Red Sea?

If your stay at the Holiday Village Red Sea was ruined by illness in the past three years, you may be able to make a successful claim for compensation.

To discuss your circumstances with a specialist holiday claims solicitor call us today on 0800 01 54321 or simply complete our online contact form to arrange a quick call-back.

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