Illness complaints continue at the Tirana Aqua Park Resort in Sharm El Sheikh


Holiday Illness Claims are continuing to hear holiday horror stories from stricken Tirana Aqua Park Resort guests.

  • Sickness and diarrhoea plagues holidaymakers
  • Guest claims there are no words to describe the terrible food and hygiene of this place
  • Yet more stricken holidaymakers turn to Holiday Illness Claims

If illness ruined your stay at Tirana Aqua Park Resort (also known as Sunrise Tirana Aqua Park), help is at hand from Holiday Illness Claims.

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Food poisoning at Tirana Aqua Park Resort

Stricken British holidaymakers are once again turning to Holiday Illness Claims for help pursuing no win no fee claims for food poisoning in Egypt after falling ill during stays at the five-star Tirana Aqua Park Resort.

Just this week we were contacted by a hotel guest who is still suffering from repeat gastric illness symptoms months after their ruined holiday.

Other stricken guests have taken to hotel review site TripAdvisor complaining of suffering symptoms of diarrhoea, stomach cramps and cold sores.

Guests have complained about the standard of hygiene at the hotel after witnessing glasses and cutlery being rinsed under the cold water tap and sometimes just wiped clean.

Many feel this is a factor contributing towards their illness. A group of eleven holidaymakers stayed at the hotel and have said that the food served was inedible and left uncovered. They group also feel that due to the poor hygiene practices at the hotel, five of them contracted cold sores.

One guest simply states that there are no words to describe the terrible food and hygiene of this place after reportedly contracting food poisoning at the resort.

Anne Thomson, Head of Travel Law at Holiday Illness Claims said: We have previously been instructed by families who stayed at the Tirana Aqua Park Resort in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Therefore we are shocked to be reading more reports of illness.

It is essential that all staff members are trained in all aspects of international standards of hygiene.

At Holiday Illness Claims, our dedicated helpline remains open to anyone who has suffered from illness at Tirana Aqua Park Resort within the last three years. Our friendly and knowledgeable claims experts can advise you on the merits of your case and answer any questions you may have regarding the no win no fee process.

Help is at hand from Holiday Illness Claims

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