Illness at the Holiday Village Red Sea in Egypt sparks new enquiry

Outbreaks of illness at the Holiday Village Red Sea

A visitor to the Holiday Village Red Sea has been in touch with us after their party suffered stomach upsets and diarrhoea at the resort.

This is the latest holidaymaker to enquire about making a claim with Holiday Illness Claims after falling ill at the hotel in Sharm El Sheikh.

Our team have previously heard from other visitors who have fallen ill at the Thomson promoted resort and have read numerous reports of illness from guests on TripAdvisor.

A guest from Preston recently said they would not go to Egypt again after being struck down with illness at the resort, they said: On arrival forget reception and head to the chemist for Antanil. We were a party of 3 and were all sick at some stage.

And a visitor from Hertfordshire said: On day two I started to experience a bit of an upset tummy which soon progressed to severe diarrhoea, which was then followed by horrendous cramps in my stomach and nausea like Ive never had before.

My partner also suffered with the same symptoms, also having severe headaches. For both of us this came in waves. One day we would feel okay but wake up the next day feeling so ill we wanted to come home.

There were days we couldnt talk, let alone eat and were bound to our room. This lasted the duration of our stay and even though we are home, we are still suffering.

Tracy Stansfield, an experienced travel law solicitor at Holiday Illness Claims, said: It is always disappointing to read of guests having their holidays ruined by illness. I am pleased to be able to advise this particular holidaymaker about the merits of making a claim for compensation.

I would encourage any other guests who have fallen ill at this resort to get in touch with us as soon as possible to discuss making a no win no fee claim with one of our holiday claims experts.

Was your holiday ruined by illness at the Holiday Village Red Sea?

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