SUNRISE Holidays Resort reportedly riddled with illness once again

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HolidayIllnessClaims understands that numerous recent stays at the SUNRISE Holidays Resort in Hurghada, Egypt, have been blighted by a widespread outbreak of gastric illness.

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Shocking hygiene standards at the SUNRISE Holidays Resort revealed

  • Holidaymakers raise concerns over pool and food hygiene at the five star resort
  • Claims made that reveal numerous holidaymakers have been struck by sickness
  • Many reveal they would never return to this resort and some have even called for it to be shut down

Online reports which have been found by the experts at HolidayIllnessClaims reveal that the SUNRISE Holidays Resort has been subject to a recent outbreak of illness.

Afflicted guests of the Thomas Cook promoted hotel have left reviews on the website TripAdvisor, to make more people aware of the issues that they experienced during their stay.

One holidaymaker who visited the Egyptian resort in August 2017 with their family posted:

Thomas Cook you need to shut this hotel.

Pool quality…….38 degrees and a cold pool something not quite right here…a leak I think no chemical testing [I] asked for PH testing on three occasions.

This I believe is the reason why we talked to guest who had fallen ill.

Food prep is shocking raw meat alongside cooked meat. Dirt ingrained on tables.

I could go on and feel so sad to have to write such a scathing report.

Unfortunately it appears that this holidaymaker is not the only one to have been left disappointed with their holiday, as another recent visitor commented:

Everywhere you looked the hotel was tired and in places filthy and dilapidated.

Pool was very cold for the time of year someone mentioned that it was leaking and is due for refurbishment and being topped up continually.

Never saw anyone check the chemical levels while we were there could be the reason that my partner and myself both had upset stomachs.

We will not return to this hotel as there are many superior hotels available. Home now feeling like we have not had the holiday that we paid for.

Our expert solicitors comments

After reading a number of reports, it would appear that numerous stays at the SUNRISE Holidays Resort have indeed been plagued by sickness.

It is imperative that pool hygiene in large all-inclusive resorts such as this are kept at the highest possible standard, to ensure that outbreaks of illness do not occur.

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Sue Robinson
Solicitor at HolidayIllnessClaims

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