Medication required illness at Hotel Melia Marina Varadero in Cuba

British holidaymakers have reported suffering holiday illness during their stay at the Hotel Melia Marina Varadero in Cuba.

Hotel guests found food to be undercooked and served lukewarm. This has left many suffering sickness bugs during their stay.

Some took the decision to move to another hotel after witnessing poor food and hygiene standards.

Holidaymakers have commented on the food and hygiene standards at the hotel through the review website TripAdvisor. One visitor to the hotel stated that three members of their party fell ill and warned others to bring Imodium.

Another hotel guest said: The main restaurant food was a disaster. The quality of the food was bad enough but then add in hot buffet food presented in poorly heated chafing dishes.

The food is lukewarm and you are heading for stomach problems. We spent the last 3 or 4 days of our holiday running to the toilet and couldnt wait to get home.

Although many of the complaints appear to stem from poorly heated food within buffet restaurants, others have reported suffering sickness after eating at a speciality a la carte restaurant within the hotel.

Anne Thomson, Head of Travel Law, said of the reports: We have recently read numerous reports online of British holidaymakers falling ill on holiday at the Hotel Melia Marina Varadero.

Food which is served lukewarm or undercooked is a common cause of illness on holiday. This may lead to holidaymakers suffering from  gastroenteritis, which often results in symptoms including sickness, stomach cramps, and diarrhoea.

It is our hope that the tour operators and hotel management will carry out a full investigation into the hygiene standards at the Hotel Melia Marina Varadero.

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