More cases of food poisoning at Hotel Playa Pesquero, Cuba

 A couple have contacted Holiday Illness Claims for help to claim compensation after illness left them requiring injections and treatment through an IV drip at the Hotel Playa Pesquero.

  • Holiday Illness Claims previously contacted after outbreaks at the hotel in 2013
  • Guests report birds and insects contaminated uncovered food
  • Holidaymaker claims sickness bugs wiped out 80% of the hotel
  • Holiday Illness Claims secures £2,380 compensation settlement for stricken hotel guest

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Guests require medical treatment at the Hotel Playa Pesquero

Sadly, cases of illness are continuing at the Hotel Playa Pesquero. British holidaymakers believe that this latest outbreak may also be linked to food poisoning. Many have reported that food was left uncovered leading to birds and insects contaminating the food.

Guests also witnessed undercooked food, unclean swimming pools, and obscene toilets and facilities.

Many have commented on the conditions at the Hotel Playa Pesquero on the hotel review website TripAdvisor.

One holidaymaker from Gloucester said: All the food tasted disgusting. Nothing was covered to protect it from the flies and birds, on one occasion I saw a fruit cake actually moving as it had so many insects in it.

Two of us had to visit the doctors and my husband had to be treated with antibiotics for food poisoning.

One guest stated that a doctor confirmed that many of the hotels 600 guests had fallen ill during their stay.

A holidaymaker from London commented: At this moment there is a sickness bug going around which has wiped out approximately 80% of the hotel with 18 people requiring IV fluids and a number have been admitted to hospital. This was confirmed to me by numerous onsite doctors.

We were warned by the doctor to keep our children out of the pool as it was not good. This was confirmed by the lack of a smell of any chlorine in the water and only on our last day did we actually see someone adding some granular powder into the pool.

The legal experts at Holiday Illness Claims have already helped stricken Hotel Playa Pesquero holidaymakers receive compensation following similar outbreaks of illness at the resort. Our client, Mr Regan, was awarded £2,380 in a no win no fee settlement after sickness and diarrhoea ruined his much-anticipated stay.

Anne Thomson, Head of Travel Law at Holiday Illness Claims, said: It appears that gastric illness is becoming something a regular feature at Hotel Playa Pesquero.

Holidaymakers who have returned from their stay at the hotel who have been diagnosed with salmonella food poisoning or any other type of gastric illness should report this to their tour operator and contact us for help to make a successful claim for compensation claim straight away.

It is vital that legal advice is sought as, unfortunately, some tour operators do their utmost to avoid paying compensation or, when they do make offers to settle, it is often by way of holiday vouchers or low amounts of compensation which means that holidaymakers are totally undercompensated.”

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