Corfu catastrophe as illness reportedly tears through the Messonghi Beach Hotel

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It is our understanding that multiple recent guests of the Messonghi Beach Hotel, have unfortunately had their holidays ruined by an outbreak of severe gastric illness.

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Holidaymakers critical of hygiene standards at the disappointing Messonghi Beach Hotel

  • Sickness bug results in numerous holidaymakers suffering from diarrhoea and vomiting
  • Hotel staff admit lots have fallen victim to the outbreak
  • Food hygiene is held as a potential cause for the widespread illness

Three star Greek resort the Messonghi Beach Hotel has apparently been host to a widespread outbreak of gastric illness.

Multiple holidaymakers have taken to TripAdvisor to criticise the hygiene standards of the First Choice promoted resort, including an August 2017 visitor who commented:

My nephew was sick in the dining room on the first night which was cleaned up but we noticed the table cloth which had it on was still there 6 days later!

There was always a horrible smell of sewage and a few times our room smelt of it too.

It was a family holiday and out of the 8 of us [that travelled] 5 of us got sick including my 9month baby which just completely ruined it for us.

[We] feel like we have completely wasted our money staying here and it’s put me off going to another all-inclusive resort.

Additionally, another recent guest of the Messonghi Beach Hotel also experienced issues with illness during their stay, as they revealed:

The SICKNESS!!!!….First my daughter fell sick on day 2, then her 1 year old fell sick!!!

My daughter was ill for a total of 3 days. Her baby (our granddaughter) was ill for 1 day.

My Future son in-law then fell sick on day 4, he was ill for 3 days. On the same day 2 of my nieces were taken ill, [this] lasted 1 day.

On day 5 my third niece was ill, she was ill for 2 days and my wife was ill on our last day, this lasted 3 days.

The illness was incredible stomach cramp pains followed by severe vomiting and diarrhoea. My sister in-law asked the maids if there were anybody else sick and they said “LOTS”.

Our experts comments

Unfortunately, it appears that numerous holidaymakers have unfortunately been hit by illness at Greeces Messonghi Beach Hotel.

Because many guests are reporting of similar issues at this resort, it is important that the tour operator and hotel management acknowledge this and investigate the apparent problems.

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Sue Robinson
Expert solicitor at HolidayIllnessClaims

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