Claim compensation for illness in Turkey

At Holiday Illness Claims we have helped holidaymakers across the UK claim £100,000s in compensation for illness in Turkey.

If your holiday has been ruined by illness, our legal experts can help you claim the compensation that you deserve.

In our latest article our experienced holiday claim solicitors look at how you can bring a successful claim for holiday illness in Turkey.

Make a claim for sickness in Turkey with Holiday Illness Claims

Who can make a claim?

Anyone who has fallen ill due to poor food or hygiene standards in a package holiday hotel within the past 3 years can make a claim for holiday illness compensation.

For example, if you stayed at an all-inclusive hotel in Turkey and suffered sickness that you suspect was caused by undercooked or lukewarm food, you will be entitled to make a claim.

At Holiday Illness Claims, our expert solicitors have also helped holidaymakers make successful claims for infections such as hand, foot and mouth and ear, nose and throat infections caused by unclean swimming pool water.

How much does it cost?

By bringing a claim with Holiday Illness Claims you can be guaranteed that you will never be left out of pocket.

We act on a no win no fee basis for everyone we represent. If your claim is successful all of our fees will be paid by your tour operator. In the unlikely event that your claim is unsuccessful you wont have to pay a penny to anyone.

How much compensation could you receive?

The amount of compensation you receive will depend on the length and severity of your illness. Under the latest holiday illness compensation guidelines, you may be entitled to claim anything between £770 and £43,890.

In addition to the compensation for your illness, our experts can also help you receive compensation for the loss of enjoyment of your holiday and any medical expenses you have paid for as a result of your illness.

Find out how much compensation you could claim

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