10 reasons to make a holiday illness claim

If you have been ill on an all-inclusive package holiday as a result of consuming undercooked, reheated or contaminated food, contaminated water or as a result of the poor food and hygiene standards in a package holiday hotel, the law in the UK entitles British holidaymakers to make a claim for compensation.

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Did you know you have three years in which you are entitled to make a holiday illness claim?

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Here are 10 reasons why you should make a holiday illness compensation claim:

1 Get the maximum compensation you deserve

Many people we have represented and who we speak to, have initially lodged a formal complaint with their tour operator and by way of an apology or form of compensation have, in some cases, been offered holiday vouchers to put towards their next trip abroad, being left severely undercompensated.

By instructing a no win no fee holiday illness solicitor, the amount of compensation you will receive is likely to be significantly more than what your tour operator is likely to offer you.

2 Claim the cost of your holiday back

Not only can you make a claim for the illness you have suffered, you can also make a claim for the cost of your ruined holiday.

3 Loss of Enjoyment

You can also claim for the loss of enjoyment of your holiday

4 Medical Expenses

If you have had to pay for any medical treatment abroad, you may be entitled to claim compensation for any medical expenses you have had to pay out of your own pocket for

5 Loss of Earnings

If you have required time off work upon your return to the UK, you may be entitled to claim for your loss of earnings and any other financial losses you have incurred

6 Long term effects of illness

If you contracted an infection such as salmonella, campylobacter, shigella, E. coli, cryptosporidium or other infection causing diarrhoea and sickness, you will hopefully make a full and speedy recovery. But these illnesses can in some cases lead to long term debilitating conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, reactive arthritis or chronic fatigue syndrome.  If you are left with one of these unfortunate conditions it is absolutely vital that you are properly compensated.

7 No win, no fee

Your claim will be handled on a no win no fee basis meaning you will never be left out of pocket, no matter what the outcome of your claim.

8 Hassle-free

At Holiday Illness Claims, we will keep you informed and update to date on the progress of your claim.

9 No expense to you

With the exception of the insurance premium we recommend you take out called After the Event Insurance, there are no legal costs attached to making a holiday illness compensation claim.

We will consider the requirements of your case and recommend a policy to suit you.

You will only have to pay the cost of the insurance premium if your claim is successful, which is only deducted from the settlement if your claim.

In the unlikely event of your claim being unsuccessful, you will not have to pay the premium. The insurance will pay your disbursements and any adverse costs will be waived.

10 Justice

Many people work and save extremely hard to afford a holiday abroad. So it is only fair you get the justice you deserve if your hard earned holiday has been ruined due to the negligence of the package holiday hotel you have stayed at.

Claim the compensation you deserve today!

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