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  • “We are so pleased with the service Holiday Illness Claims provided. Thank you Sue and the team for all your help.

    Mr Wright and Miss Cannon, Holiday Village Algarve

    “We didn’t expect to receive anything at all so we have been delighted with the settlement and seamless service provided by Sue and the team.”

    Knights Family, Holiday Village Menorca

  • “There were that many people ill in the resort that the staff could not deal with the pressures of keeping on top of cleanliness.

    Liam and Lisa McKay, Pine Bay Holiday Resorts

    “I would like to thank Tracy and the team at Holiday Illness Claims for their excellent assistance in bringing this matter to a close.”

    Jennifer Masters, Steigenberger Aqua Magic

  • “We are really pleased with the compensation Holiday Illness Claims helped us receive and would like to thank them for all their hard work and support.”

    Ian and Suzanne Burnes, Stil Victoria Playa

    “We’d all like to thank the team at Holiday Illness Claims for all their help throughout our claim.”

    The Buckle Family, Stil Victoria Playa

  • "We were delighted that we were able to get quick and easy advice upon our return to England and we cannot thank Tracy Stansfield enough for her support through what was a very distressing time.”

    Keith Jennings and family, Sentido Perissia

    “I was weak and felt delirious and we were unable to leave our room for two days and spent a whole day in bed".

    Sophie Packham, Club MAC Alcudia

  • “I would like to thank Anne for all of her help and support throughout the process. We were all very pleased with the outcome of our claim”.

    Julie Slater and family, Coral Sea Waterworld

    "I am extremely happy with the service provided by Holiday Illness Claims. They are efficient, professional, honest and obviously are very good at what they do as I am more than happy with the outcome".

    Kelly Thompson and family, Club Mac Alcudia

  • “When I got home there were weeks I spent in bed, I couldn’t move. Unless I obviously needed the toilet. I lost a lot of weight, visiting the doctors became a regular occurrence!"

    Chelsea-Lee Spencer, Sonesta Beach Resort

    “I would strongly recommend Holiday Illness Claims, everything was clearly explained at the beginning and I was able to contact my solicitor at all times for updates or clarifications."

    Colin Marshall, Stella Makadi Resort and Spa

  • "Flies were everywhere, at all stages of browsing inside the dining room and awaiting fresh cooked omelettes and pancakes outside".

    Amanda Crawford, Hotel Nesrine

    “I am thrilled with the outcome. I can’t thank Anne and Tracy enough for their hard work and for keeping us up to date with the progress of the claim.”

    Dianne Blakeway, Gran Caribe Real Resort & Spa

  • “I can’t thank Anne enough for her help, I am very happy with the outcome."

    Cristian Magana Salgueiro, Oriental Resort

    “I was worried they wouldn’t let me travel. There was no rep available and I was desperate to get home, feeling so unwell”.

    Julie Roberts, Dessole Riviera Resort

  • “I’d like to thank Anne and all the team for their help and we are really pleased to have the claim settled.”

    Sue Hilton, Flamingo Beach Resort

    “Anne was really helpful throughout the entire process and we are all pleased that the claim has now been settled.”

    Tarina Phillips, Corfu Sea Gardens

  • “The whole experience was an absolute nightmare. We were literally surrounded by passengers who were vomiting on the stairs, in the shop, in the corridors, and in the lounges. It was simply horrendous.

    Group claim, Boudicca Cruise Ship

    “Many of the drinks at the hotel seemed to be watered down and the indoor pool smelt strongly of sewage, which permeated the lift and first floor corridor where we were staying."

    Christine Niven, Hotel Riviera Tunisia

  • “The illness we contracted truly did ruin our holiday. The hygiene in the restaurants was really poor but you never expect to have to suffer an illness like this during your holiday.”

    James Turley, Sol Verginia Sharm Resort

    “We’d like to thank Anne for all the support she has given us to help us settle the claim.”

    Mrs Paget, Three Corners Ocean View, Hurghada

  • "Our illness at the Nubian Village really did spoil what should have been such a special occasion."

    Tracy Finch, Nubian Village

    “I’d like to thank Anne for the support she offered me in helping to settle the claim.”

    Kathleen Smith, MinaMark Resort

  • “It really was a horrible experience. You would never expect to get so ill during a holiday and we were still suffering with it when we returned home.”

    Gemma Saunders, Hilton Sharks Bay

    “It is always concerning to hear of holidaymakers falling ill as a result of poor food or hygiene standards."

    Amanda Downey, Reef Oasis Blue Bay Resort

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Welcome to Holiday Illness Claims

Although many British holidaymakers are affected by outbreaks of illness, most are unsure of where to turn for help.

Not only can a holiday illness be an incredibly distressing experience, it may also lead to incurring out of pocket medical expenses.

Yet many of the people we speak to are unaware that they may be able to make a claim for compensation.

Often, a tour operator will simply offer a small amount of compensation or a voucher towards another holiday in settlement of your claim. However, this may seriously undervalue your claim.

That is why we are always on hand to offer any advice and guidance that you may need.

We have represented holidaymakers throughout the UK, helping them obtain the compensation that they deserve.

Our holiday illness claims team has over 50 years’ combined experience within the travel law industry.

They have the knowledge and expertise to help you make a successful claim for compensation.

To speak directly to a holiday claims expert, call us today on 0800 01 54321 or simply complete the quick online contact and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

How do I claim for a holiday illness?
If your illness was contracted at your holiday hotel, you may be able to bring a claim against your tour operator here in the UK under the Package Travel Regulations 1992. This means that if your illness was the caused by poor food or hygiene standards, your tour operator may be liable.
Our dedicated holiday claims team can offer you the advice you need and help you make a successful claim for compensation.
What are the costs involved in making a claim?
Our holiday claims experts will offer you a free initial consultation, to establish whether you may be able to make a claim. We work on a no win no fee basis, which means that you can make a claim without incurring any costly legal fees.
We recommend that all of our clients take out After the Event Insurance for your protection. This normally costs around £65.00 and is only payable once your claim is successfully settled. This is the only cost involved in making a claim with us.
Are there any time limits in making a claim?
You will usually have three years in which to make a holiday illness claim. Despite this, we would recommend bringing a claim as soon as possible.
If you are unsure whether you still have the right to make a holiday illness claim, contact our expert holiday claims team today. They can offer you the advice and guidance that you need on all aspects of the claims process.